Dear customers,
the months spent in quarantine have put us to the test, we still tried to make you feel our closeness by keeping you company, opening our heart, giving you the hope of returning to travel, see us and have fun, because we are made to travel, live, discover new places, and why not, relax.

It has been months of uncertainty but also of a great desire to start again, with more enthusiasm, for this reason we want to do our best to return to normal.

We do it starting from hygiene and safety, because first of all we want to make our structure your protected place to guarantee maximum comfort in absolute tranquility.

The new guidelines issued by the government in collaboration with the regions allow us to be able to reopen its doors safely, in compliance with the new rules on social distancing to limit the spread of contagion from Covid19.

The safety of our guests and collaborators is our greatest concern: that’s why we believe it is important to share information with you regarding hygiene standards, common areas, hospitality and much more.

Dispenser with sanitizing products
In the common areas of our facility we have set up sanitation points with dispensers and disinfectant gels available to our guests and collaborators.
Social distancing
Keeping distance is fundamental to guarantee the safety of our guests, for this reason we have created entry and exit routes and organized common areas to welcome each family or person at a time, respecting everyone.
Protection devices
Safety devices such as masks, gloves and sanitizing gel are available to all guests and staff. Disposable items (gloves and masks) are placed in a special container with a lid.
Body temperature control
Daily we monitor our staff and each guest with body temperature control instruments according to the DPCM of 24 April 2020 to ensure the well-being of all those who live in our facility.
At each departure the rooms and rooms will be carefully treated with a sanitization and sanitization process with suitable products based on bleach and alcohol. Adequate natural ventilation and daily air exchange for rooms and common areas is always guaranteed. In addition, air conditioners, vents and ventilation grilles are treated with specific sanitizing products.
Hygiene linen and common objects
The surfaces are cleaned with the use of disinfectants such as a 0.1% sodium hypochlorite solution or a 70% alcohol concentration, when the use of bleach is not practicable (e.g. telephones, remote controls, TV ..) The fabrics, sheets, towels, etc., are packed in sealed bags, and transported with care to avoid raising the dust, and will be washed in cycles of 70 ° C. by specialized laundries, which follow UNI EN 14065: 2016 standards, treating items with biocontamination control systems and microbiological quality assurance.